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  • Plus Sine
    +Plus Sine by IntrinsicNet is a simple, user-friendly PC-based remote control and data acquisition system used with the reliable, dependable, and affordable RFC-1/B from Sine Systems. +Plus Sine can be purchased with a new Sine Systems Remote and it is backwards compatible with the existing systems.Program your Sine Systems RFC 1/B Using My Sine by IntrinsicNet
  • Studio Hawk
    The Studio Hawk.8 was developed to provide a low-cost solution to monitoring audio and EAS receivers at a studio, and for efficient communication of problems via email, text messaging, and signaling devices. The base system includes Studio Hawk software and hardware to monitor 8 status channels, 8 analog channels, and 8 relays. The Studio Hawk.8 records EAS data (transmitted and received), and can be expanded to monitor up to a total of 6 EAS receivers.
  • The Hawk Remote Control
    The Hawk Remote was designed by broadcast engineers over 15 years ago to meet the ever-changing requirements of the broadcast industry. The PC based approach of The Hawk Remote allows for endless possibilities. Besides being able to remotely monitor and control a facility, The Hawk Remote is an “engineer in a box”. The things that you would normally do, The Hawk Remote can do for you, without your help. While you sleep, it will watch your facility “like a hawk”. The next morning while drinking your coffee, you can check your email for a message from your Hawk Remote detailing the night’s events. Or if you would rather know what is going on at the time, The Hawk Remote can send you a detailed email or text message to your cell phone informing you of all current activity
  • My Sine and My Sine Pro
    The easy-to-use computer based application allows quick and simple set-up of your Sine Systems RFC 1/B remote control. No longer will you have to spend valuable time using a telephone keypad. My Sine allows you to keep multiple sites in one single database. This lets you maintain multiple RFC configurations in one central location. Making changes to these configurations is as easy as clicking your mouse. Programming your Sine has never been easier. Your Sine Systems remote control offers you classic reliability, and now My Sine adds flexible control. You can customize your setup just the way you want it without repetitive, time-consuming keypad programming. Take new ownership of your essential tool in remotely controlling your transmitter… make your remote, My Sine!


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