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Innovative Broadcast Services (IBS) is a broadcast engineering and consulting company based in Starkville, Mississippi. Along with developing computer software and hardware, IBS provides contract engineering services for over 75 radio stations. IBS also provides assistance to many other stations on an as-needed basis not only in Mississippi but also in Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Along with routine maintenance, equipment installation, and consulting, IBS works with stations planning and supervising upgrades, implementing studio and transmitter relocations, running FCC compliance testing and other special projects. IBS's experience includes: building over seventy studios and twenty C2 or higher transmitting facilities. IBS has built (1) low power television station (LPTV) and provides services for several other LPTV stations in Mississippi and Alabama.

IBS's engineers work with the state-of-the-art broadcast test equipment including a time domain reflectometer, modulation monitors, spectrum analysts, audio distortion sets, dummy loads, through line watt meters, AM field strength monitors, impedance bridges, ect. IBS also owns broadcast equipment including a frequency agile STL, a frequency agile exciter, power amplifiers, and other equipment that is made available to our clients to help minimize time off the air.

IBS has a very strong background and interest in computer technology (both programming and application) and is currently developing specialized software and hardware for the broadcast industry. A satellite controller has been developed as well as The Hawk Remote Site Management System. With over 40 of these systems in use already, The Hawk has proven to be most user friendly and comprehensive studio and transmitter site remote control and data acquisition system on the market today. We have developed a Global Positioning System (GPS) Master Clock program that is used in television broadcast to synchronize transmission. The Mississippi and South Carolina News Networks also use this program at their satellite teleports. Currently under development is Eagle One, an uplink/downlink tracking system. Also in operation is Eagle Two, used to synchronize news distribution systems.

Under development is Drive, a data acquisition program that collects information regarding station performance in a given area and displays it in graphical form. This program will help stations evaluate market signal coverage. Using technology similar to that of the Hawk Site Management System, Aqua One is a wireless data acquisition system under development for the aquaculture industry.

IBS is also very proficient in the installation and maintenance of computer networks and software - working with many NT, Novell, and Windows Server network environments. We are currently maintaining more than 70 automation systems (music on computer hard drives) providing the music for the Golden Triangle, the Mississippi Delta, Tupelo, Jackson, and Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. IBS maintains 2 uplinks and over 70 downlinks for the Mississippi News Network that provide Mississippi Collegiate Sports throughout the state.

Currently, IBS is using our computer services experience from the broadcast industry to provide computer services to local businesses in the Starkville area - targeting mainly health care and related fields.  The computer services provided by IBS to radio stations is very "mission critical" - training our company to respond quickly and efficiently.  Applying our knowledge and expertise to non-broadcast applications provides businesses and health care providers with the best possible computer services. 

IBS has been in the broadcast engineering business for over 25 years . The company offers a unique professional service by combining expertise in both Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, computer programming, and network administration. IBS is one of the best-staffed and equipped contract engineering teams in the Southeast. Currently, IBS is staffed with four broadcast engineer/technicians and two clerical employees. The company grows and changes as the volatile radio station and broadcast industry changes. IBS not only provides services to the smaller more rural radio stations, but also provides services to the stations that have been acquired by larger, national broadcast industry leaders. The is unique because typically the larger companies come into the smaller markets, purchase several radio stations in that market, and then relocate one of the staff engineers to serve as that market's chief engineer. In the past few years, these companies have chosen IBS's contract engineering services over hiring their own full time staff engineers. This is because IBS's combined experience and excellent equipment makes IBS a more efficient and cost effective choice for them.

The foundation for the success of IBS is a strong team of dedicated employees. IBS feels a great sense of responsibility to these employees and provides fair compensation, benefits, a profit sharing plan, and other rewards in a positive, healthly work environment. With a great deal of pride in their work, the IBS team responds quickly and courteously to clients through the use of a 24-hour answering service . At IBS a very personal approach to broadcast engineering is taken. IBS understands that its success is measured by the quality of work and the satisfaction of clients.

The future of IBS is very promising, not only as experienced RF engineers, but especially in the development of software for the broadcast industry. An example of this is the relationship formed with Sine Systems, Nashville TN, in the delpoment of Plus Sine. Plus Sine is a simple, user-friendly PC-based remote control and data acquisition system used with the reliable, dependable, and affordable RFC-1/B.My Sine is a simple program written to enable you to program your RFC 1/B from your computer. My Sine Pro enables you to program RFC1/B form multiple computers. www.plussine.com   


For more information call Innovative Broadcast Services at (662) 324-6934 or email service@fixmystation.com.





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